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I moved to Kansas!

Unfortunately, I am no longer in the Beatrice/Lincoln area. Currently, I am no longer offering flight instruction in my airplane.

Let your dreams

take flight

Have you thought about learning to fly? Do you already know how to fly and need a flight review?  Ready to take your training to the next level with an added rating? If you're ready, I'm here for you!
Find out more:

"Upwind Aviation is fantastic! Corina has a true passion for general aviation, especially compared to CFI’s at larger flight schools. She understands that for most people aviation is a hobby, not a career. She is dedicated to making you a safe, well rounded pilot. Corina is always upbeat and positive, which makes makes something like mastering landings great. She takes the time to teach you to fly your way. If you like paper charts, she will take the time to explain them. If you know you’ll only use an IPad, she educates you on ForeFlight. Her flight lessons are well planned and you have a clear objective each flight. Upwind Aviation’s costs are ultra reasonable. The combo of learning how to fly using modern tools with low rental rates was hard to beat for me. Let Corina help you soar! She is the reason I achieved a long time goal!"

—  Anthony F, new Private Pilot


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