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Discovery Flight

The Discovery Flight is an opportunity for you to experience the thrill of flight.  I'll walk you through the basics, starting with the preflight inspection.  Once we've determined the airplane is ready to go, we will hop in and go for a 45 minute flight.  Your participation is greatly encouraged. I'll let you fly as little or as much as you want to!  When we're back on the ground, we'll debrief, collect payment of $150, and discuss what's next.  If you decide that becoming a pilot isn't for you, do not worry.  There are no obligations on continuing flight instruction after the flight.  

Schedule Your Flight

Call or text me at 402-413-1311, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to schedule your Discovery Flight. 

Getting Started

I aim to provide the safest, most effective and affordable flight training possible.  It's easy to become overwhelmed with the administrative requirements and training options.  Follow these simple steps to get started and reach your dreams.  

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