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Flight Review

Have you taken some time off from flying?  The FAA mandates pilots to complete a flight review every 24 calendar months.  Maintaining a certain level of proficiency is critical to ensure you're a safe aviator.  Pilot safety depends on maintaining strong aeronautical decision making, basic piloting skill proficiency, and aircraft systems knowledge.  If you haven't flown in awhile, it might be time for a flight review.

In general, a flight review will take a minimum of one hour of ground instruction with a minimum of a one hour flight.  It may take some pilots much longer to complete their flight review depending on how long it's been since they've flown last.  

Instrument Proficiency Check

Maintaining instrument currency can be hard, maintaining instrument proficiency can be even harder.  If you're looking to refresh your instrument skills, this might be just what you need!  I guarantee you'll walk away as a more confident instrument pilot!


Need some other type of training, but don't see it listed?  Let's chat and maybe I can help!

If you're looking for help with that new avionics system, I have lots of experience with G1000's, G430's, Garmin 650/750's, and more! 

If you need an insurance checkout in a new airplane, I have flown a wide range of small airplanes and am possibly qualified! 

What about a high performance or complex endorsement? Yup, I can do that, too! 

I can also help with a tailwheel endorsement, however I do not currently have access to a tailwheel airplane for rent.

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